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An informal communication site
for family and friends -in Seattle, WA. USA.

  It's today. Site debut Sept 6th '06.. This page is version #14 - Updated on 12/27/2011. Welcome year of the DRAGON !

Anything yawanna see here

Ah, if you are family, contact Margaret and she'll update your info in the 'Friends and Family' contacts page ok?

And, hey Adam..
E-mail Steve what you want on your page.. ok? ;)

Thanks for visiting ;)


Thanks for visiting!

MargaretSato.com is all about communication for SATO friends and family.. and a place to share stuff!

Located in Seattle, Washington. USA.

Dec 2011. -
So far, we are seeing great gains in Fred's ability to manage his blood sugar. Cool to see. Margaret is solving the world's problems at Boeing, and Buffy is riding a new wave creating hats and hand lotions along with her pilates studio.. so all is going good! Buff's son Adam is hard at work with QFC and college -go man go- and finish that 4-year degree so life will be your oyster! ;) All for now!

Latest plot is a web-based photo viewer (whoa baby). Another answer could be one of these photo frames. We'll see. ;)

Ok.. a few recent newsworthy notes - Sept 2010.
Mom Amy is very busy with fall harvest. Her tomatos are marvelous. Fred is better and we all hope he can resume to normal days without too much worry about blood sugar. Sis Buffy and son Adam are doing well. Adam should be hitting college for accounting classes.

Just a bit of news there.. all good... as we step into fall 2010!

YOUTUBE link of the month:

_________On-Going News:_________

Boating and camping w/ Steve at Blue Lake 2010

Margaret 'out-and-about' on a Washington State Ferry crossing Puget Sound to Port Townsend.. a cool and fast trip!

Thanksgiving '09
Amy and Margaret prepp'in for the feast...

Ha! Yep, that's Margaret replacing a garage roof!
Man, she's sure is resourceful !

At Burt's Grocery in Madison Park.. a fun little store!

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